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The naturopathic doctor Lindsey Duncan can be credited to have sparked the modern interest in green coffee bean extract. It was his study on the green coffee that was featured on a popular doctor's TV show back in May 2012. Participants in Dr. Duncan's intervention study experienced an average weight loss of 17 lbs at the end of 12 weeks of continuous use. Health specialist, Dr. Oz conducted his own study using live TV audience and the results presented in his highly viewed September 2012 show. With nearly 100 women taking part divided into two groups, one taking the GCBE and the other receiving placebo, the results over a similar 12-week period showed that the women taking GCBE lost an average of 2 lbs per week which was twice as much weight loss by the women in the placebo group.

Just this April 2013, a group of researchers led by Dr. Joe Vinson, Ph. D. of the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania presented their findings on weight loss promise in consuming unroasted green coffee beans at the 245th conference and exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), considered the world largest and one of the oldest scientific society. Dr. Vinson showed clinical evidence that ingesting daily doses of the green coffee has the potential to control body weight gain and elevated blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The study documented the effects of dose-dependent intakes of a commercial green coffee extract product on the blood sugar levels of 56 non-diabetic men and women who were administered with 100, 200, 300 or 400mg of the extract in capsule form. Vinson's study showed there was marked dose-dependent effect on the subjects without any gastrointestinal side effect. All doses resulted in significant diminution of blood sugar levels with the maximum 400mg dose showing 24% reduction 30 minutes after intake and 31% reduction after 120 minutes. The results established the dose-dependency of chlorogenic acid's efficacy in reducing blood sugar levels.

Vinson said that with chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extracts, a simple naturally formulated diet supplement in capsule or pill form that could help manage and normalize blood sugar levels while fostering weight decrements concurrently would be considered a major medical advance in treating patients with type 2 diabetes. Such a treatment now exists.

In an earlier study presented in May 2012 at the 243rd ACS meet

Another clinical intervention study conducted by a team of Asian scientists showed that daily ingestion of green coffee supplement resulted in up to 30% of body fat lost by participants taking the extract. A French study was conducted in 2012 with volunteers fed with 400mg of the extract every day. In just 60 days of continuous use, the participants taking the extract averaged 5.7% of their body weight lost compared to another group fed with placebo.



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